FNC Programmes

Advocacy, Information and Education

Advocacy is a systematic and continuous process which aims to gather relevant existing and emerging information on a specific area of interest and package it in to seamless messages communicated to key stakeholders in policy formulation and adaptation.

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Food, Safety and Nutrition Standards

Food safety and nutrition standards compliance is at the heart of operation in this programme. FNC aims to promote best practices based on a solid scientific foundations of food safety through strengthened multi-sectoral co-ordination around food safety and nutrition standards compliance and accompanying control systems.

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Assessment, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Food and nutrition security assessments are coordinated by a multi-stakeholder committee known as the Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC). ZimVAC is a consortium of Government, UN agencies, NGOs and other International Organisations.

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Multi-Sectoral Coordination

Historically, approaches to food and nutrition security were often segmented, with nutrition security often lagging behind agricultural production. The establishment of the Food and Nutrition Council, and the later formulation the Food and Nutrition Security Policy, formally introduced the combined approach to food and nutrition security.

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In line with the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimASSET, Food Security and Nutrition Cluster) and the Food and Nutrition Security Policy, the Food and Nutrition Council is mandated to “promote a cohesive national response to the prevailing household food insecurity and malnutrition through coordinated multi-sectoral action.”

The guiding vision of ZimASSET is “Towards an empowered society and a growing economy” and the Food and Nutrition Council plays an important role in the achievement of this vision by convening and coordinating food and nutrition security issues in the country for multi sectoral action.


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