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Welcome to the Food & Nutrition Council

Promoting a cohesive national response to the prevailing household food insecurity and malnutrition, through coordinated multi-sectoral action.
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- Advocacy, Information and Education
- Assessment, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation
- Food Safety and Nutrition Standards
- Multi-Sectoral Coordination
- Policy Analysis and Advice

Policy Environment

The government of Zimbabwe has made great strides in creating and adhering to a conducive policy Internationally, Article 11 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) which states;

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Journey to the Establishment of Food and Nutrition Council


In 1995, the Inter-sectoral Task Force for Food and Nutrition was launched to recommend sustainable solutions to the persistent and growing problem of hunger and malnutrition in Zimbabwe. At this stage, it had become clear that the health sector alone could not sustainably address these problems. Other sectors needed to be more meaningfully engaged and a legal framework was needed to mandate the sectors implicated in nutrition outcomes to play more proactive roles in meeting food security and nutrition targets, through coordinated multi-sectoral interventions.

The Food & Nutrition Council's Vision

To promote a multi-sectoral response to food and nutrition insecurity problems and ensure that every Zimbabwean is free from hunger and malnutrition.