FNC Programmes

Advocacy, Information and Education

Advocacy is a systematic and continuous process which aims to gather relevant existing and emerging information on a specific area of interest and package it in to seamless messages communicated to key stakeholders in policy formulation and adaptation. FNC’s advocacy stance is that policy makers and those who inform policy processes need to be reminded of the food and nutrition security agenda, at all relevant forums.

It is not enough that there already exists a Food and Nutrition Security Policy, and that the issue is also reinforced as a priority item in ZimASSET, food and nutrition security advocacy efforts must be ongoing. To achieve this, FNC takes advantage of the various interactive fora it has access to at multiple national and sub-national levels to deliver formulated messages, in order to affect the intended outcomes.

Advocacy and information products produced aim to bridge the gap between policy-makers, implementers, development partners and the people on whom policy and activities will have the greatest impact.

The products meaningfully unpacking the national development agenda and customizing messages appropriately, to suit intended audiences.

The Food & Nutrition Council's Vision

To promote a multi-sectoral response to food and nutrition insecurity problems and ensure that every Zimbabwean is free from hunger and malnutrition.