FNC Programmes

Food Safety and Nutrition Standards

Food safety and nutrition standards compliance is at the heart of operation in this programme. FNC aims to promote best practices based on a solid scientific foundations of food safety through strengthened multi-sectoral co-ordination around food safety and nutrition standards compliance and accompanying control systems.

This includes the formulation and review of standards and regulations, as well as putting in place the necessary monitoring and surveillance systems to support them. To date, successes include the coordinating multiple stakeholders efforts in the formulation of a 5-year National Nutrition Strategy with comprehensive budget, and in the development of a project document and discussion on Bio-fortification for submission to Codex Alimentarius, international guidelines aimed at ensuring good and safe food for everyone, everywhere.

FNC would also like to encourage innovative approaches in food and nutrition security. A recent effort is the formulation of a Community-based Multi-sectoral Food and Nutrition Security Programme, formulated to customize responses to food and nutrition security challenges at grassroots community, giving beneficiaries a sense of ownership of such interventions.

Regionally and internationally, Zimbabwe remains committed to its engagement in collective initiatives, contribution to global policy

development and structures that to support food and nutrition security. Above all, it is to provide all necessary training and education and information to promote uptake of and compliance to national food safety and nutrition standards.

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The Food & Nutrition Council's Vision

To promote a multi-sectoral response to food and nutrition insecurity problems and ensure that every Zimbabwean is free from hunger and malnutrition.