FNC Units

Multi-Sectoral Coordination Unit

The work of this unit falls in line with Commitment VII of the Food and Nutrition Security Policy – Enhancing and strengthening national capacity for food and nutrition security.

Through this unit, the Food and Nutrition Council facilitates and strengthens capacities (training, evidence, documented best practice) and structures (including Food and Nutrition Security Committees at all levels) to support multi-sectoral approaches to food and nutrition security. The unit contributes to developing systems and evidence to demonstrate the impact of multi-sectoral approaches for the purpose of learning and scaling-up. Specifically it supports the functioning of effective Food and Nutrition Security Committees for the coordination of food and nutrition security issues at all levels, including strengthening the partnership between Government and non-Government actors.

The Multi-sectoral Coordination Unit ensures that strategic alliances and community mechanisms reflect and reinforce broad-based multi-sectoral approaches to enhancing food and nutrition security. It develops monitoring tools for demonstrated best-practice and scaling-up of programmes and interventions that demonstrate the contribution and impact of multi-sectoral interventions toward achieving food and nutrition security. The unit also strengthens national capacity through in-service training on multi-sectoral approaches for addressing food and nutrition insecurity at provincial and district level for Nutritionists, Health Professionals, Agriculture Extension Workers, Social Development Workers and other related professionals.

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The Food & Nutrition Council's Vision

To promote a multi-sectoral response to food and nutrition insecurity problems and ensure that every Zimbabwean is free from hunger and malnutrition.