FNC Units

Policy Analysis and Advice Unit

The work of this unit is guided by Commitment I of the Food and Nutrition Security Policy – Policy Analysis and Advice.

The unit promotes food and nutrition security on the broader national economic and development agenda through strategic policy analysis and advice. It also coordinates the implementation of the Food and Nutrition Security Policy and ensures that Zimbabwe is both informed by and is informing global and regional policy networks and initiatives.

To fulfill its overall strategic objective the unit ensures that national strategic policies, documents, legislation and national institutional frameworks are adequately reflecting food and nutrition security. The unit also provides policy advice on regional food and nutrition security and economic trends analysis informing the Government of Zimbabwe of possible threats.

It is responsible for designing and implementing a monitoring and accountability framework for Food and Nutrition Security Policy and its Implementation Matrix. This important work is also conducted through the Food and Nutrition Security Advisory Group (FNSAG), a high level forum for strategic dialogue for multiple stakeholders, which meets to reflect on independent research findings and agreed implications for strategic directions and resource mobilization.

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The Food & Nutrition Council's Vision

To promote a multi-sectoral response to food and nutrition insecurity problems and ensure that every Zimbabwean is free from hunger and malnutrition.