On Thursday, 10 October from 2-3pm (BST), IIED will host a Twitter chat to stimulate dialogue and debate around healthy diets and the need to transform our food systems to tackle the worsening nutrition crisis. In order to kickstart the conversation, IIED will tweet out a series of key questions and invite responses. The chat questions will be tweeted from IIED's Twitter account, @IIED.

The world is producing more food than ever before, yet the current food system is unequal. More than 820 million people – one out of every nine – still suffer from chronic food deprivation, while at the same time obesity is on the rise among children and adults, particularly among marginalised groups.

Urban areas are facing increasing food insecurity and malnutrition and unhealthy diets have become a leading risk factor for disease and death worldwide. Getting food on the table in cities is the theme of the next edition of Environment & Urbanization, that will be launched on World Food Day on 16 October.

Food systems must shift from simply producing food to providing sustainable and healthy diets for all and addressing all parts of the food system. IIED has worked with Hivos and others through the Sustainable Diets for All programme to document the problems and find solutions for improving access to sustainable, affordable, diverse and nutritious foods for all.

This year, World Food Day will promote healthy diets, and IIED and Hivos will host a ‘Healthy Diets Week’ between 14 and 18 October to highlight the contribution of sustainable diets to transforming local and national food systems.

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